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Improved Customer Service

A.J. Drew and Family

Since I returned from surgery, I have been way behind answering emails. Between recovering, medication and sales much increased since last year, I have not been able to manage inquiries.  The most important of these being the occasion when the post office plays foot ball with a package.  It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.  The temporary fix is that the Mom of this Mom and Pop is stepping in and taking over Customer Service.  You can email her at Aimee(at)ThisDomain if you have any problem with your order.  But a much better solution is coming.  In fact, we have two solutions coming soon.

A.J. Drew and Family
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A Ticket System – We are now experimenting with a ticket system to track problems and provide better customer service. Frankly, I am amazed that we are doing something so professional.  The business really is one Mama, two kids, and myself.  The best part of the ticket system is that either one of the adults can address a problem and keep notes on the problem.  We will still offer replacements and refunds as we have always done when something goes wrong, but with the ticket system we will be able to approach problems in a much more orderly way.

Automated Tracking Numbers – Believe it or not, we still drive orders to the post office every weekday and often on Saturdays.  When truly busy we often make a morning and an afternoon trip.  With the 2018 season we will be installing software that purchases shipping from home.  We will also be contacting the post office and having packages picked up by USPS from the farm.  The benefit to our patrons is that upon purchasing postage, the tracking number is issued and sent via email to the patron who made the purchase.

Apology – The challenges with customer service are growing pains.  Never did I expect to experience the interest and demand that Peppers by Mail now experiences.  I apologize profusely for being so far behind in answering questions and addressing problems.  Please accept my sincere apology for any problems this has caused a know we recognize the problem and are taking steps to address them.

For now, if there is a customer service matter that you need addressed please write to Aimee(at)ThisDomain.  She has promised to try to respond within 24 hours.  Once the ticket software is up and running, expect a much faster response with multiple people checking the system often.

Thank you for sticking with us even when we experience the occasional growing pain:

A.J. Drew

2 thoughts on “Improved Customer Service

  1. Purchased from you last year for the first time it sounded to me as if we were both a little upset, however you corrected the situation and handle it very well for which I am thankful I also offer my apology for my probably overly Stern Tone, i’m a man who works very hard on being loyal when a company is loyal to me I reciprocate and that is what you did you took care of your customer and I appreciate that, I took advantage of your Friday the 13th special man am I pleased, The service was very quick and I have a box full of seeds and peppers totally awesome thank you for your diligence and correction of your growing pains.

    1. Hi Michael:
      I dont remember what went wrong, but I am going to suspect it is my horrible memory and not being able to keep tack of emails. The new system is fantastic. It takes all emails sent to Support(at)ThisURL and sets them up in a thread. So instead of jumbled emails, everything is connected in order like a conversation. I could not be more pleased. My wife is learning the system also. She is now answering emails and helping out a great deal. I think we have this wave of growing pains licked. Now to try and grow enough to meet the growing demand.

      Here is the thing: We know that without patrons we could not raise our kids in this wonderful setting. So we are very grateful and want to keep folk coming back. So when we run into challenges, we try to meet them. The new customer service software is an example. I know I can do this, but sometimes it takes me a little bit to figure out how to.

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