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HP56 – Twice as hot as Carolina Reaper

Ed Currie and the Puckerbutt Pepper Company are in the process of submitting HP56 for testing.  The current claim seems to be this new pepper is twice as hot as the Carolina Reaper.

After watching this video, I have a suggestion for the name of this new pepper.  I think it should be called the Carolina Creeper.  Watch the video and notice the reporter has a 10 second delayed before the heat sets in.

Watch the Video

8 thoughts on “HP56 – Twice as hot as Carolina Reaper

  1. Any chance you have a mailing list for people waiting for peppers to be in stock? I am looking for chocolate bhutlahs, jigsaw peppers or Carolina reapers. I haven’t found a pepper that bothers me much yet so I would love to try some of the hottest ones available. Thanks in advance. Mike

  2. I am drawing the Carolina reaper the boot to lochia pepper Trinidad scorpion peppers and the yellow Trinadad the chocolate Trinadad in the chocolate ghost I am waiting to get the HP 56 so when you know you were going to release any of the peppers please let me know or email me so I can find out how to purchase them

    1. I meant to say I am growing all of those peppers right now

  3. Mike, we will have fresh peppers this fall. I think we are at least two months out before we can offer mixed boxes. At least three before we can offer full boxes of any one pepper.

    Allen, your best bet on HP56 will be to watch Puckerbutt Pepper Company. Its their baby. I am thinking it will be at least a couple years before they release it.

  4. Let me know when u release hp56 I would like to buy plants or seeds thanks

  5. Could you let me know when and where I will be able to purchase HP56 seeds to grow in the UK. Thanks 🙂

    1. Your best bet is to visit the developer at They are big time with contracts and lawyers that we try to avoid. If they go the route with this pepper that they went with some of their other peppers, we will not be growing them professional. We are a tiny mom and pop farm that is not all that hip to the ways of big business, contracts,and lawyers.

  6. HP56 seeds ….my next project …let me know if seeds or plants become available

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