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HP48 & HP50 Death Strain Peppers

I am sometimes asked about the HP48 Death Strain Pepper and the  HP50 Death Strain II pepper.  I thought I’d post to clear up some misconception of this particular unicorn.

The first matter is that there is nothing new about HP48 Death Strain or the HP50 Death Strain II. Each has been openly discussed since 2013.  Created by the Puckerbutt Pepper Company, it is a hybrid which at the time was not at all stable.

One reviewer claimed it was much hotter than the Carolina Reaper (aka HP22B / HP22BNH), Now two years after that review, the Puckerbutt pepper company has not released the seeds.  In fact, there has been very little open discussion or information since that first review was made public.  I suspect this is because the peppers continue to be unstable.

Back in 2013, Mr. Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper company stated it would be another year or two before either pepper is stable.  In other words, at that time the pepper did not breed true.  In essence, it was not yet a pepper unless you’d want to use the term to describe a single plant.

Truth is, before a hybrid is stable, nobody can really predict how many generations it will take to bring stability or if stability is even possible.  Although the general rule of thumb seems to be 8 generations, there are peppers which never become stable despite generation upon generation of selective seed saving.  Despite its age, many consider the Naga Viper to be one of these inherently unstable peppers.  So when will the HP48 Death Strain and HP50 Death Strain II be available?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. Hi there,
    My name is Mitchell Simpson and I run a gardening group for disabled children and adults alike recently they want to grow chillies as our group is a charity based gardening club we was wondering if you could help them with a small donation of your chilli seeds to grow next season.

    Many thanks mitch

    1. Please use the contact form. Always willing to help good projects.

  2. When breeding peppers, how many times do you back breed the strain to itself ?

  3. Ok read every thing above but this is 2018 any word on the peppers????

    1. Yes, we have been listing peppers in the online store. It is very slow right now as they ate just coming ripe. Most boxes sell within minutes of being listed. But give it a few weeks and supply will catch up with demand. Happens each season.

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