How to Germinate

According to botanists at the New Mexico University, super hot peppers can take up to 10 weeks to germinate and demand soil temperatures of 85 degrees. Please read these suggestions before attempting to germinate our seeds.

Germination and Seedlings

Heat ( 85 deg. F ) – The number one reason for low germination is lack of heat. The University of New Mexico Chile Pepper Institute recommends a soil temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit for most peppers. To achieve that soil temperature, you have two choices. You could raise the air temperature to about 100 degrees in your germination room, but there is a much easier method. You can use bottom heaters. These are essentially heating pads which remain on constantly. If you really want to get fancy, you can add thermostats which will shut down the heating pads at a specific temperature. We have found very little benefit with thermostats. Thus far, the heating pads we have purchased seem to maintain a good temperature for all seeds.

Germination ( 2 – 6 Weeks ) – With proper heat, germination can take between 2 – 6 weeks. Although there are exceptions, it seems the flavor of the pepper seems to collate to the germination time. Rule of thumb is the hotter the pepper, the longer it seems to take.

Ghost Peppers & Super Hots ( up to 10 weeks ) – The Chili Pepper institute notes that some varieties can take as long as 10 weeks to germinate and desire soil temperatures of 90 degrees. This is the case with many super hots and particularly with ghost pepper pepper varieties.

Moisture – Your medium must be kept damp but not dripping. Seeds will keep for years without significant loss of germination rate. An estimate is about 10% loss per year. However, if they become exposed to moisture and then dry up they will almost surely die. If kept overly damp, they will develop mold which will kill the seedling before it emerges. Moisture should be kept stable and not over saturated.

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