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Horrific News from PBM

Before saying a thing, let me assure folk that I still believe I will be able to fill the 2019 CSA pre-orders. Beyond that, I have great doubts as I am now about unable to walk. I have closed our online store to insure that in a worse case situation I will be able to restart in 2020. But right now, it is doubtful we will have fresh peppers to sell during the 2019 season. My health has not been well and it is showing in some of the worst imaginable ways.

We thought we were finally recovering from our first life changing event. In 2006, I suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury. Unable to work in my previous field, I took to homesteading. I figured if I couldn’t put food on the table figuratively, I would put food on the table literally. Gradually, our sustenance farm turned into Peppers by Mail. Everything was looking good until these last couple of seasons.

As some know, I have been having tremendous trouble with my feet. Thus far, I have worked threw three toe amputations and four separate surgeries involving the bone behind the toes and into my feet. Hoping to continue to provide for my family, I have worked threw the pain. In one instance, I was back in the field a day after returning from an amputation. It has taken its toll and then some. Today, some of the remaining bones in my right foot just sort of crumbled. One shard broke threw the bottom of my foot.

Between the amputations and other surgeries, 2018 was so horrific we fell behind in our home equity loan and taxes. It is ironic to mention that the day I was served with foreclosure notification was the last day of a round of IV antibiotics. I was still receiving home health care and still bed ridden.

Citizen’s Union Bank did not care enough to so much as talk to me about refinancing. In fact, the lawyer handling the foreclosure for CUB Bank advised them not to speak to me at all. I received no breach letter, no hardship consideration. In fact, they insisted I not only bring the account current but pay it in its entirety or loose the homestead. That is where we are at today. While we are considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I am not entirely sure that will save the home. In such cases, you must be able to demonstrate to the court that you can pay all of your debt within 5 years. The medical debt is staggering.

I did what i always do, throw work at it. The result, the bones in my right foot have crumbled. I do not know how long this hospital stay will be or how many stays there will be this year. But it is fairly clear that I will need at least a year of recovery. Maybe learning to walk with a prosthetic leg. I do not know if we will be able to keep the property. I do know that there is no way I will be growing more than the effort to fill the CSA preorders for the 2019 season. What happens in 2020 is anyone’s guess at this time.

Can You Help?

I despise the idea of asking for charity, but I am at the end of my rope. I cant farm if I can’t walk. The pain is unreal and the medical bills keep piling up and piling up. If you think you can help, please visit our Go Fund Me page. Hopefully with prayers and luck, we can either save the homestead or find a place to start again.

If you can’t help monetarily, please consider spreading the word. I think I have offered some great prices and a helping hand when I could. I am going to need some help in return if I am going to survive this year and the reconstruction (hopefully) of my foot. I have not wanted to ask for charity, but we really are about at the living under a bridge point of this down fall. I can not imagine doing very well homeless and unable to walk.

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