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Home Today – Shipping Monday

The cover image for this article is me force feeding Easy Cheese to my son Drew.  It was my retaliation for him eating all my cheese.  First he brought it to me as a gift in the hospital, then he proceeded to eat it all.  Maybe for Christmas I should give him some power tools he is too young to use, then use them myself.

Mainly just clowning when I taunt him.  Both of my kids have been really good this hospital stay.  From their mom I hear they have been helping to clean the house while I have been away.  Good thing too because it seems i need 6 weeks of IV medication.  That means home care nurses.  Guess the pig will have to go into the back yard for a bit.

Orders going out Monday

Tomorrow is Saturday.  The post office closes at noon.  Its Friday bout 2:00 PM, I am still in the hospital but they tell me I am going home as soon as they get a wound vacuum for my foot.  Seems that with that and IV antibiotics for the next six weeks they think they can close the now large hole in my foot.  I hope so because I really want to continue the very early start i got on the 2019 season.

So I can not imagine catching up on orders later today.  I am thinking Saturday is out as well.  But I am absolutely sure I can spend the next two days playing catch up, then get everything mailed tomorrow.  I am horribly sorry for the delay.

So What Have I Been Doing?

So if I havent been getting orders out and i haven’t been getting ground tilled up, what have I been doing?  I have been changing the web site around, installing software, and seeing if we can’t get our patrons interacting with each other.

New Forum System – We now have a spanking new forum system ready for your participation.  In fact, to stimulate its use we have free seed give aways going on in the forum system.  Please check it out.

Friend’s Hot Sauce, Powders, and more – We now have an area for patrons to promote their products, share links to their sauce, powders, and more.  As folk add their products, we are sharing and promoting those products across our social media and in other locations on the internet.  Trying to keep it in the family and spread word of mouth advertising and promotion for members of the PBM family.

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