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Gift Cards by PBM

Gift Card

Give the Gift of Heat.  Now you can purchase virtual gift cards from Peppers by Mail.  Great for gifting seeds this holiday season.  Lets face it, there is not much of a surprise if you have to ask that pepper head in your life what seeds s/he wants as a gift.  Give them a gift card and your favorite pepper head can make their own selection.  Or if they prefer fresh peppers, they can save their gift card code until they are in season.


Variable Amount – Choose any amount you would like to send as a gift

Email Delivery – You can select the email of the recipient.  Set this to your email if you would prefer to receive the gift certificate code so you can incorporate it into a tangible gift and deliver it yourself.

Custom Delivery Date – You can choose to delay email delivery until a specific date.

Custom Message – Include a custom message.

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