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Ghost Fire Hot Sauce in Review

Ghost fire hot sauce made with ghost pepper

Our bottle of Ghost Fire hot sauce warns that it is “painfully addictive”.  Addictive yes, but not so painful to a fan of hot foods.  I found this hot sauce to be downright pleasant in the heat category.  Even off the spoon it did not send me screaming for a beverage.  This is not the type of sauce that needs to be blended with other things.  It is great drizzled by itself over fries or pizza.  This sauce is condiment more than it is a cooking ingredient like some of the over the top hiccup makers.

Ghost Fire Hot Sauce, made with Ghost Peppers
Ghost Fire

When I tell you I like this sauce, keep in mind I am a fan of the over the top hiccup makers.  Sometimes a person wants to cook and blend a super hot sauce into something pleasant, adding ingredients to ones own taste.  Other times a person wants to pour something this tasty over their food and enjoy it as it was bottled.  This sauce is in the enjoy it as bottled category.  Loved it.  It is the type of sauce you leave on the table or at a bbq without hiding it in fear of hurting a friend.

On a heat scale, I think Ghost Fire hot sauce by Texas Creek ranks about the same to a wee bit higher than commercial hot sauces.  However, unlike most big name consumer hot sauces, it is full of flavor.  Although not thick like a puree, it is much thicker than the commercial hot sauces which usually amount to hot spiced vinegar.

My daughter’s rating was not ‘Not milk worthy & More please’.  Milk worthy for her means I am done, it is too hot.  I agree with her, so am putting off reviewing the other products we just received from Texas Creek so that I can enjoy my meal with this splendid sauce.

Blended with:

Despite lacking the insane heat that many ghost pepper hot sauces contain, it has all of the habanero like flavor of the ghost pepper.  Blended with the Red Savina pepper, it is a sauce that you can serve to friends without worry that they will think you’ve played a horrible practical joke on them.  With no visible seeds or chunks, I wonder if the secret to delivering all the ghost pepper flavor without the numbing heat might not have been to strain out the pulp before cooking.  Looking at the ingredients, it is clear the heat was not balanced by sugar or other sweet ingredients which can sometimes overwhelm flavor.

The liquid smoke and chipotle add a hint of outdoor cooking to anything you happen to enjoy it over.  The sense of smoke blends nicely with the classic habanero / ghost pepper flavors.

All natural, no msg, and not at all over the top hot; I think I have found a hot sauce my wife will be able to enjoy.  If you are a fan of the habanero and / or ghost pepper but have trouble with all the heat they usually bring, you will like it too.


Clearly I am not the first to appreciate this sauce.  It has a collection of awards and accommodations of which the maker should be proud.  Hats off to Texas Creek.

  • 2013 First place Scovie Award
  • 2013 Golden Chile Awards
  • 2011 Golden Chile Awards
  • Second Place – Hot Pepper Awards


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