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Fresh Peppers Now Listed Every Day

Great news!  Fresh super hot and super rare peppers are now being listed in our online store daily.  Each weekday morning, we pick, pack and ship the previous days orders.  Then we walk the main field, gardens, and high tunnel to see what we can offer for the next day.

Out of Stock? – Our harvesting season is just now starting.  Currently only a few boxes are ripe each day.  So far, they have been selling out within a few hours of being listed.  By evening, the store is often out of stock.  Don’t worry, we restock the next day.  Within a week or two, I am sure supply will meet with demand.  Now that I am mostly back on my feet, we have expanded the grow quite a bit.  While obviously we would love to sell everything we grow, with the expansion I can’t really see that continuing much this year.

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