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First Pods – Listed and…

Listed and gone.  I am thrilled and THANKFUL to the person who purchased our first mixed box of the season.  Between the hospital stay, building our first high tunnel, and the countless hours put into this years grow; I can not tell you how much this means.  Yes, it was only $20.00, but putting so much work into this season with so many new challenges makes the first sale so very sweet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you… It was not listed for 15 minutes makes it even more rewarding..

These were the first pods of the year, but they were from the new high tunnel.  The field crops still have a way to go and the high tunnel is not producing much yet.  Still to have our first box of the year out in June is amazing.  While such a fast sale was satisfying, we also pulled some green bell peppers from those growing in the high tunnel.  Between that, some small onions, and red potato I made the first garden meal of the year.

Peppers will continue to trickle in from the high tunnel.  At first, they will be mixed boxes with labels on each pepper.  As we start to have more to offer, we will start offering a lower priced box which does not have each pepper individually priced.  As the field crop starts to come in, we will start offering full boxes of individual peppers.

Again, they are just now trickling in.  A box here and there.  So watch the front page for announcements of what becomes available and then jump on it before it is gone or wait for better prices as more become available.

Here is what is most likely to be available as they trickle in… Sampler box label on

Thank you so much!

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