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Fall Clearance Sale

Fresh Peppers by Mail

Mother Nature has blessed us for many months, but Father Winter is following right behind her.  Although experience says we have a couple more weeks before first frost, historical first frost says it could be any day.  When it hits, depending on the severity, all of our fresh peppers could be gone for the season.  So between now and first frost, we are offering a some great deals:

Buy Two SFRB and get One Free SFRB – Purchase any two SFRBs and we will send you a third for free.  You can mix and match.  Doesn’t matter if they are on sale or not.  Buy two SFRB and get a third SFRB for free.  No coupon code.  Nothing special to do.  We will just automatically add a third box for free.  This offer will continue until the first frost.  The free box will be our choice but most will likely be the mixed samplers.

Buy Three SFRB and get Two Free SFRBSame rules as the above offer. Mix and match.  On sale or not on sale.

Fresh Peppers by Mail
Mystery Box

Watch the Weather for Waddy, Kentucky – When you see a frost warning, check the sales / specials page for our annual Monster Mystery box at a killer price.  Watch for other sales as well.  We would rather offer them cheap so you can get them in your freezer than let Old Man Winter take them all away.

So why do we call it the Monster Mystery Box?  – Because it is a monster of a box but a complete mystery as to its contents.  It could be anything we grow.  Mild to Wild.  It is similar to our Unlabeled Sampler boxes with a twist.  After we completely fill it with the regular sized peppers that we sell we fill all the little cracks with smaller peppers.  It is always the best deal of the season. But it is only available once a frost warning is issued for Waddy, KY.

The fun part: The Family and I are typically out in the field with flashlights completing orders after they warn of first frost.  We try to get everything inside.  Sometimes we escape that first frost and the sale continues until the real one gets here.  But typically all we do during that is pick, pack, ship and sleep.  It is kind of fun and yes the price is that low.  How low?  Well, follow our weather and then check our site.

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