What is an FAQ?
It is a Frequently Asked Question


How much is Shipping on Seeds?
US Shipping is always free.
Canada is $5,00 Flat Rate
International – $10.00 Flat Rate to most other destinations.

How much is Shipping on Fresh Peppers?
US Shipping is free.  We do not ship fresh peppers outside of the US

Do you ship seeds in padded envelopes?
Yes.  We use padded envelopes to avoid crushed seeds.

Why are Fresh Peppers out of Stock?
Our season runs between late June and the first frost of the year (generally September).  This changes with Mother Nature’s whims.

What is a SFRB?
It is a USPS Small Flat Rate Box.  Depending on pepper size, it will contain between 20 and 30 individual peppers.

What is a Half Box?
Approximately half a SFRB.  Generally these contain a bakers dozen.

How much is a pound?
Pound pricing can usually be arranged for the next season with a contracted grow and a 50% deposit.  Contact: ajdrew (at) this domain and I will see if we can provide for your needs.

What is the Hottest Pepper in the World?
The best answer is to grow your own and decide for yourself. However, if you click here you can read the many claims.

When are Fresh Peppers available?
Generally, a few peppers come ripe in mid July.  These are often offered as mixed boxes / sampler packs.  Full boxes of individual peppers typically become available at the first of August.  By the first of September we usually have full boxes coming in each morning.

Do I need Paypal?
No, you do not need a paypal account to check out with our online store.  You can use any major credit card, debit card, or check.  Paypal is simply our credit card processor.  You may use a Paypal account, but you do not have to.

Where does your come from?
We produce all the peppers and seeds that we offer.

Do you accept Preorders?
No.  Mother Nature is too unpredictable for us to risk our reputation on her temperament.

What do you think of company X,Y, and Z?
I have never had a bad business experience with anyone in the pepper or seed business.