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Dragon’s Breath Pepper: Hottest pepper in the world?

Dragon's Breath Pepper: New Hottet Pepper in the World?

The Dragon’ Breath pepper is being called the “Hottest Pepper in the World”.  Many now claim it will displace the Carolina Reaper as the Guinness World Record champion.  But despite all the press, media, and publicity: nothing is positive other than the claims seem a bit far fetched.  Some claim it is so hot it can kill a person.  A pepper that can kill you?

Update: Peppers by Mail has secured Dragon’s Breath seed and will include them in our Seed Catalog summer of 2018 or sooner.

Dragon' Breath Pepper: New Hottet Pepper in the world?
Dragon’ Breath Pepper

Certainly with the right allergy, anything can kill a person.  Yes, super hot peppers and a host of other plant can cause anaphylactic shock or obstruct breathing in other ways.  But even if the Dragon’s Breath pepper is as hot as claimed, it is not much hotter than the Carolina Reaper. Although the media likes to claim the Dragon’s Breath has measured 2.48 million SHU and the Carolina Reaper only hit 1.6 million SHU, the figure for the Carolina Reaper is an average.  In fact, the Carolina Reaper has been shown in laboratory tests to reach 2.2 million.  Besides, there are plenty of Youtube video where folk consume various extracts which measure much higher on the SHU scale.

Now one might think that at 2.48 million on the SHU scale, the Dragon’s Breath automatically beats the Carolina Reaper’s 2.2 million.  But when it comes to the Guinness crown, it is the average that counts.  For all we know, the Carolina Reaper still averages higher than the Dragon’s Breath pepper.

Can Dragon’s Breath Kill You?

Can the Dragon’s Breath pepper kill you?  Sure it can.  But when we consider pepper spray is generally considered less than lethal force at 2 million SHU, it seem much more likely that upon eating one, you will imply want to die.

“I’ve tried it on the tip of my tongue, and it just burned and burned,” Smith told the Daily Post. “I spat it out in about 10 seconds.” – As Reported by Yahoo News

Dragon’s Breath Pepper Origins

Dragon's Breath Pepper
Dragon’ Breath Pepper

The Telegraph report that the Dragon’ Breath Pepper was developed accidentally by Mike Smith.  Beyond that, very little is known about this new peppers.  Its lineage has not been reported.  Dragon’s Breath seeds are not available.  There seems to be no online store.  There has been some chatter about plugs and small plants being sold in the UK, but as of yet it seems popular opinion on this pepper is going to have to wait a few years until folk get a chance to grow it.

27 thoughts on “Dragon’s Breath Pepper: Hottest pepper in the world?

  1. You gotta think it’s funny when the guy that created it can’t even eat a bite of one! I don’t trust him. Hah!

  2. I’d gladly try it out for him. I love the super hots. It would be a great if it’s not a trick..

  3. Great article. Interested in seeing how the hype will pick up.

  4. Ok I’m a pepper head
    Where can i get some plants or seeds to plant ?
    I have my own way to get around the heat (aka oil)
    That is what causes the heat is the plant produces an oil in the stems that is design to protect the seeds from being eaten by animals or humans
    My method works great & I don’t spread the oil around when I use my method
    Unlike the IDIOTS who use liquids
    I want to grow some & try them out with my method
    So i need to know where to get some seeds or plants
    I can get Carolina Reaper seeds, but the DB is suppose to be worst

  5. if it does beat the reaper it won’t for long, Ed Currie has unreleased peppers that are twice that of the reapers, after all the reaper climbed to the top in 2013 he didnt exactly stop trying to make them hotter 😉

    1. Since the article came out, there has been a tremendous amount of controversy over the claims that were made. So not sure the Carolina Reaper has a challenger these days. Lots of claims, but then they all seem to wind up in controversy.

  6. What happened to the Bhutlah? Is that no longer in the running?

    1. The Chocolate Bhutlah, the Death Strain, and the Turd Pepper just in the last few years have made claims and I am only touching on a few. The next hottest pepper in the world seems to be a popular claim that rarely pans out.

  7. I was wondering if i can order seeds from these peppers i would like to grow some

    1. I heard tell some plants were sold this past spring, but nothing since. In short, best be is to google every week or so to see if someone has managed to get them for sale.

  8. The most recent article I have read about this pepper explains that it was actually grown on purpose with the help of nottingham university scientest for use as an anaesthetic, but who knows these days, you can’t trust the news anymore

  9. I heard Ed Currie has come out with Pepper X now and it’s being tested to be the next hottest pepper in the world.. Tests should be done by the end of the year.”2017″ We will see what happens.

    1. We will see. Personally, I am getting tired of all the new hottest pepper in the world claims. There have been just so many that never went anywhere.

      1. true.. they now have a last dab with the pepper x.. Ed Currie doesn’t play around tho..look it up on youtube..

  10. Dragons breath was a hoax. Complete nonsense in which a lot of people lost money to the supposedly trusted vendors. I won’t say who they are but c.b. and n.p. were the guys involved and a lot of great chileheads were swindled in Britain by them.

    1. we need facts brother.. where did you get your info from? or are you just blowing dragons smoke?

      1. I very much agree. That is why there is a question mark at the end of the title. It is also why the first paragraph contains the statement “despite all the press, media, and publicity: nothing is positive other than the claims seem a bit far fetched.” So I very much agree with you that if someone is going to claim to have developed the next hottest pepper in the world, they should provide proof in the form of legitimate tests. However, I also feel if someone is going to post on one of my articles that they should read it first. Come on Mr. BuzzKillington, lighten up.

  11. How or where can you buy one

    1. We should have fresh dragons breath peppers this summer.

      1. which month ? june or july?

        1. That is really up to Mother Nature.

  12. I have someone that will take the challenge on

  13. Just let me know

  14. did u get any seeds from your plants

    1. The first batch I dried are already gone. Some more will be in our seed catalog soon.

        1. If this were a couple weeks ago, I would suggest clicking on Fresh Peppers which is on about every page on this site. But first frost has come and gone, so other than a few odd offers from our indoor garden we will not have fresh peppers again until Spring of 2019. I would suggest the fastest way now would be to click on Seeds and grow your own. Sorry, but until I get a solution figured to grow year round we can only offer fresh produce seasonally.

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