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Dragon’s Breath, Carolina Reaper, and more on sale!

Dragon’s Breath, Carolina Reaper, fresh peppers and seeds will be included in this year’s Black Friday sale.  In fact, the sale will last from Black Friday till Cyber Monday (2018) and will change up each day.  This is your opportunity to reserve your fresh Dragon’s Breath and Carolina Reapers at a sale price.  It is also an opportunity to grow your own with some greatly discounted seeds.

Click here for the Sale

This weekend would also be a great time to check out the new features at

Associates Program – Now you can earn 10% of every sale your links to Peppers by Mail generate.  We searched far and wide to find software that was this easy.  Simply sign up for the program, generate links and share them.  You can then check how many clicks and sales your links have generated.  Your commission will be put into your paypal account once a month.

Forums – There is very little there yet, but with your participation we can get the thing rolling right along.  While we are not trying to replace full featured discussion boards, we do think we can create a community where our patrons can help each other out.

Live Chat – I will be on and off the computer daily this weekend.  It is an excellent time to hit that Chat Button at the bottom right of the page.

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