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Contact and Support from Peppers by Mail

A.J. Drew and Family

Family Photo


If you email to the above address, a ticket number will be assigned to your inquiry.  This way anyone here on the farm can answer.  This is your fastest method of contacting us, but if you need to contact an individual you might consider the following email addresses.


In this mom and pop operation, Aimee is the mom.  Mom is in charge of customer service and usually responds within 24 hours.  Other than the general support email address given above Aimee is the best person to ask about individual orders already placed.  Please include your four digit order number, full name, or other information for us to find your order in our system.

You can also contact us on Facebook Messenger or participate in the forum there.

Bugs T. Turtle

Bugs T. Turtle

General Questions – Please contact Ajdrew(at)ThisDomain
When we started, A.J. was in charge of just about everything.  Since then, work load has increased along with his physical challenges.  To keep customer service rolling along smoothly, his wife Aimee has taken over inquiries about orders already placed.

A.J. remains available for general conversations about growing peppers, variety information, and general related questions.  However, he now gets to answering email much like our friend pictured at left.  Although he loves to talk with folk; growing, picking, packing, and shipping orders has to remain his priority.

Telephone Support / Inquiry – I am sorry, but at this time telephone inquiries are not practical. Due to the location of our micro farm, getting cell phone reception on the best of days is often a challenge.  We’ve given it a try and it creates more problems than it solves.  The best way to contact us is via Support(at)ThisDomain.

Thank you for sticking with us as we grow!