West Indies Red  


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November 23, 2018 4:08 am  

West Indies Red

West Indies Red 2


This is one of my favorites in the habanero heat range. It has good-sized habanero shaped pods. It has a very nice sweet taste, with hints of apple and red berries. Very crisp and crunchy too. No strong chinense flavor that I could detect, so this would probably be a good variety for those who dislike the famous "chinense skunk". It did have a faint, almost imperceptible floral undertone at times.

Some of the reviews I have seen mention this as being an especially hot habanero type, but the ones I tried seemed to be more in the low-to-middling habanero range. About Orange Habanero level heat or even slightly less. It had a slightly stingy whole-mouth burn that seemed to intensify a little more on the lips and tongue. But it was still quite pleasant and enjoyable. The heat has a fairly gradual build too; it doesn't whack you immediately like many habaneros do.

The heat and flavor reminds me a little of the Paper Lantern Habanero (also a very good pepper), except that the West Indies Red seems even sweeter and has somewhat larger pods. 

Peter Stanley also has a YouTube review of this pepper here: West Indies Red

Peter mentions an initial bitterness, which I didn't notice at all in the pods that I tried. But I did get mine from a different vendor than he did, so perhaps the genetics were just slightly different.