Sugar Cane (PL)  


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December 16, 2018 5:51 pm  

Sugar Cane


This is a capsicum annuum variety developed by Judy at Seeds are available here: Sugar Cane (PL) 

I had the chance to try this variety this year. True to their name, the peppers were very sweet, with hints of an almost berry-like taste as well. It is certainly one of the sweetest peppers that I have tried. It is great for eating fresh, and adds a really nice crunchy sweetness when used in cooking.

Almost all of the pods were completely heatless, but one pepper had a surprising kick near the top of the pod. That one seemed to me to have at least Serrano level heat. Perhaps they are a bit like Shishito peppers, which are usually heatless peppers, but every now and then you get one that is spicy. 

As you can see from my photo above, the pods that I had were much larger than the ones shown in Pepperlover's photo. Jimmy Pickles did a video review of this variety on YouTube: Sugar Cane (PL) Review The pod he reviews seems to be a little smaller than mine, but still much larger than the ones pictured on Judy's site. Jimmy describes this pepper as having about Cayenne level heat, while by contrast most of the ones that I tried had no heat at all. 

Given all the apparent inconsistencies, it appears that this variety may not be entirely stable yet. Still, it is so sweet and tasty that I think that it would be well worth growing. Just expect some possible variations in heat and size.

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