Hello Fellow fire eaters!!!!  


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February 10, 2019 3:04 am  

Hello all fellow Fire Connoisseur  (aka - hot pepper growers and eaters)

IS your mouth on fire... can you still breath....is one side of your face going numb and are you going blind out of 1 eye from eating a pepper you grew?? No? Well then its not hot enough and you didn't get it from Peppers by mail!!

I am Ryan... from Central PA (Amish Country) and I can honestly say I have been buying off of AJ for years now. (Never knew he had a forum... whoops... would have been on here a long time ago if I had known) 

PBM is THE place to get hot peppers from. Germination rate is THROUGH THE ROOF... seed product is always heavy and never short... just can't say enough about PBM. 

I am a veteran grower (outdoor garden and indoor garden/hydroponic) I regularly start over 700 seeds indoors every year (late feb to early march) and end up with somewhere around 600 plants. (Not all are peppers... sorry.. I have to do other veggies also for the family) out of the hot peppers, I usually have a germination rate of 98% or more. (yes... that is true.. I am a nerd and keep detailed records). I buy literally all of my hot pepper seeds (except for 1 strain that is not available on here) from AJ (PBM). 

A few years ago I did a comparison.. I ordered 10 Carolina Reapers seeds from a seed bank and I ordered from AJ... 

Seed bank... 2 out of 10 germinated = 20% germination rate

PBM... 23 out of 24 germinated = 96% germination rate


Anyway... just wanted to introduce myself.

I am sure there are a ton of people on here that can answer questions, but I am available if anyone wants any pointers. 

Last year we harvested approx 70-75lbs of hot peppers... Picture attached...and in the picture, that was not even the entire amount.

I love growing peppers...drying them... making hot sauces... and most importantly... eating them. 

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February 23, 2019 3:48 am