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A.J. Drew
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December 6, 2018 7:24 am  

I try to have a slightly different side focus for myself every year.  For the business, the focus is the really popular peppers because they sell well.  But for myself, well this past year it was a bunch of new Thai.  Last year it was a bunch of new Aji.  This year, it is unusual commons.

I just got an order in from Baker's Creek Heirloom seeds.  They are not great in the pepper department, worth a look, but where they really shine is in heirloom produce.  Fast ship, fair prices, and free printed catalog.  So what did I get?

Yellow Jalapeno
Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno
Heatless Jalapeno
Another Jalapeno I forgot the name.... hmmmmm

With them, I will add the farmers / potato jalapeno (corked), Biker Billey (red when done), and purple.  The result, I can have a rainbow on one plate.

I am curious to know if other folk have this thing about either completing a set or growing odd variety of common peppers?  Working on cayenne in the background but the variety there doesnt seem as diverse.

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December 8, 2018 12:00 pm  

I’m like you. I like to create ‘like family’ sets or collections. I take an interest in the variations  that they can  display from from another along with their different colors. I strive for diversity to help maintain a seeds chance into the future. It’s all about learning and trying different things out for me.

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