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November 24, 2018 10:38 pm  

So, has anyone here tried grafting peppers? Khang Starr has several videos on YouTube that show how he successfully grafted peppers to other varieties of peppers. Here is one of them: how to graft peppers

It is not too surprising to me that it is possible to graft a pepper plant to another pepper plant, but what about grafting peppers to something outside of their own genus? Well, I recently learned that this is possible as well. It seems that peppers have been successfully grafted onto tomato plants:

grafting peppers to tomato rootstock

grafting peppers to tomato plants

The first link is a scientific study conducted at New Mexico State University, where they successfully grafted pepper seedlings onto tomato rootstocks, with the idea of making the peppers more resistant to some soilborne diseases.

The second link is a short how-to on grafting from, where a small Rocoto cutting is grafted onto a tomato plant, with the end result being a plant that produced both tomatoes and Rocoto peppers!

All of this kind of makes me wonder what else might be possible. Potatoes and eggplants share the same genus as tomatoes, Solanum. Could peppers be grafted onto them as well? And what about other nightshades like ground cherries, tomatillos, or even tobacco? 

So, has anyone here tried grafting peppers, either onto other peppers or perhaps onto something else? If so, what were the results? Enquiring minds want to know!   🙂 



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December 1, 2018 2:26 pm  

I haven't had much luck out of the two times I tried. Bacteria issues. I did get a tomato and potato to graft,though. Interesting, but too much babysitting for me.

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