[Sticky] Wish List Now Working  


A.J. Drew
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December 12, 2018 2:56 am  

In the online store, you will see Add to Wish List on most products.  Click the add button and it goes into your Wish List.  From either the link on the right "My Wish List" or from the shopping menu, you can click on My Wishlist to view your list, make changes, and what not.

So how do you share the list?  At the bottom are share buttons.  Just click them.

This is the test version of the software.  It does everything that I just said it will, but the commercial version has a great many more features.  One of those features is that I can look at what is in your gift list.  Sounds like I am being sneaky, but if you have bought seeds from us or see where we have been going with things, you know I always add extra and often give things away.  Now you can let your friends and family know what you would like to receive and I can have a clue when I give away extras or send out prizes and gifts.

Anyway, if folk are using this feature in the free version I will purchase the commercial version for the site.  So if you are using it this holiday season, please let me know by responding here.