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Christmas with my family

I want to wish all of our patrons and visitors happy holidays. I also want to share how wonderful it is to spend Christmas with my family and how technology let it happen. A few people may have heard me mention my rent-a-kids staying with us while there mom address health challenges. She is doing very well. In fact, she is the only human being I have ever known to put on weight while taking chemo therapy. I attribute that to her strong spirit and love of her children.

Our rent-a-kids are back with their mom in Ohio. My first two kids were here in Kentucky. The four of them miss each other terribly. Modern technology to the rescue. They video chatted the opening of presents. We even threw in a twist and made my kids open gifts with their feet.

By noon, we had even better news. Our family skipped Thanksgiving dinner because I was rushed to the ER with a protruding bone which became infected. The hospital stay only took a week, but I was sent home on IV medications and a wound vacuum for six weeks. Yesterday, Christmas Eve, my home care nurse made a surprising evening visit to draw more blood. Seems the morning draw came back bad and they wanted me back in the hospital on Christmas eve. Instead, she argued that there is a slight chance the preservative in the test tube was bad. Lets test again before we destroy Christmas for the family. At about noon, we got the phone call. Second panel of blood tests were fine. It was bad preservative in the test tube. I get to spend Christmas dinner with my family after all.

Now we are not a conventional family. So Christmas dinner takes place at a Chinese Buffet. Nobody likes a thing I cook and my wife deserves the night off. But no matter whose cooking, it is the company that counts. That and the giant koi fish that scream raise us, raise us, we want to go home with you.

Time to close and get back to playing with my boy’s new science kit. When I was his age, it was parents who amazed their kids. Today, it is the other way around. So let me close by saying: Thank You. You guys are the ones who let us have this home, this farm, this unconventional family. Thank you, thank you, thank you…..

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