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Fresh Ghost Peppers for Sale

Red ghost pepper

Our ghost peppers are starting to come ripe in quantities that we can now offer a great deal on the standard flat rate box as well as small and medium boxes.  This is the classic red ghost pepper that Wendy’s, Red Robin and other restaurants have started to boast about offering.  I have tasted those offerings and let me tell you the closes they come to an authentic ghost pepper flavor is that their cooks bow towards India while preparing your food.  If you want the true authentic taste of the now classic ghost pepper, fresh is the only way to go.

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Landscaping with Ghost Peppers

Red ghost peppers

This is our smaller red ghost pepper garden.  It boarders the small one lane road in front of our property. This project will not be completed this year, but I managed to get it about half way there when I read various cities are outlawing front yard gardens.  By next year, it will stretch full length of the street front.  Personally, I detest grass and am a firm believer in growing food rather than ornamental plants.

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Loki’s Ghost: A hot student project

Loki's Ghost with Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper peppers.

The ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper pepper were once sacrament to a tiny cult of chili heads.  Today, with fast food restaurants offering ghost pepper this and ghost pepper that, it seems at least one of the super hots has gone main stream.  But the Carolina Reaper is starting to catch up in popularity outside of the inner circle of chili heads.  This relatively new super hot is now being grown and marketed by high school kids.

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Holy Jolokia ghost pepper rub to help Chile Pepper Institute

Ghost Pepper in a rub.  There is a new Holy Jolokia product and its proceeds support research conducted by the Chile Pepper Institute of New Mexico State University.  The Chile Pepper Institute has teamed up with CaJohn’s Fiery Foods to create another classic in the Holy Jolokia line of products.

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