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January is Thai Pepper Seed Sale Month

Tiny red Thai Pepper

You might have noticed we are trying to organize our seeds and fresh pepper collections. Maybe I am a bit obsessive, but if I am going to offer one Thai variety I want to offer them all. If I offer one Jalapeno variety, I want to offer as many as I can. Its like a DNA collection. So for the 2019 fresh pepper season, expect sampler boxes of fresh Thai peppers in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Christmas with my family

I want to wish all of our patrons and visitors happy holidays. I also want to share how wonderful it is to spend Christmas with my family and how technology let it happen. A few people may have heard me mention my rent-a-kids staying with us while there mom address health challenges. She is doing very well. In fact, she is the only human being I have ever known to put on weight while taking chemo therapy. I attribute that to her strong spirit and love of her children.

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Let us promote your business

Do you make artisan sauce?  How about powders, salts, and spices?  We want to promote you.  If you take a gander at the link under Shopping from the top menu, you will find a tab for ‘Friend’s Stuff‘.  From there, any registered member of the PBM site can list their Hot Sauce, Spice, or the likes.  Add a link to your business for free.  If you have a friend in the business, let them know they can promote their sauces and powders with us for free.

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