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Pepper Spray, the Ghost Pepper Way

Some time ago, India created, tested, and used ghost pepper powder in less than lethal grenades.  The product was shelved when it was discovered the methodology left an opportunity for mold to grow in the powder and render it less useful.  Evidently moldy ghost pepper powder does not disperse as well as fresh ghost pepper powder.  That didn’t stop the new breed of Doomsday Preppers from inventing their own concoctions.

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The Ebola Pepper Challenge

Although it might sound a bit nuts, look at how well the bucket of ice challenge did to raise awareness of ALS as well as funds towards fighting ALS.  Major celebrities got on board and Youtube videos were a flying.  Now combine that with the videos of the various pepper challenges, but connect that to a charity attempting to relieve the suffering of  the Ebola virus.

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