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Red Fatalii Super Sale – $12.00 / Full Box

Red Fatalii peppers

Sometimes a variety of pepper kicks into high gear for a time and produces far faster than we typically sell that particular variety.  This is one of those times, so our Red Fatalii are now offered at $12.00 a box until production slows or demand picks up.  – Click here for the sale.

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Fatalii Pepper – Yellow & Red

The Fatalii pepper was first cultivated southern and central Africa.  It ranges approximately 125,000 to 400,000 SHU, which brings it into the lower range of the super hots.  Even at its lowest SHU rating, it remains quite a bit hotter than the average person is comfortable eating.  Underneath the heat of the fatalii pepper is a strong taste of citrus fruit.

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