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Our Farm is Gone

We are squatters. On Friday, July 26th, Citizen’s Union Bank sold our farm. We are about to be homeless. It did not matter that the family paid $160,000.00 for it and I had only about $17,000.00 left to pay off. It did not matter that we were only $1,000.00 behind. It did not matter that doctors had removed about half of each of my foot. They foreclosed. After the fees, taxes and penalties they demanded about $60,000.00 for the $17,000.00 debt. My advice for anyone with a mortgage is do not get sick or hurt.

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Labor Day Weekend – New Boxes

A.J. Drew and Birb

New for 2018, the Thai Sampler.  A box filled with green, white, purple, orange, and of course red Thai peppers.  All fresh off the plant the day your box is picked packed and shipped.  The new Thai sampler is an example of where I am gradually taking both peppers and seeds.  In addition to offering boxes of the original pepper (like Red Carolina Reaper), we are focusing on providing selections of the variants for each pepper.  The idea being to continue to offer whole boxes of single peppers for artisan sauce / powder makers, but to also offer boxes with variety for folk who want to sample the many different variants.  It is my hope that for the 2019 seed season, that we will also offer seed collections that match the fresh pepper collections.

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New Boxes and Lots of Rain

I have listed new boxes today.  I apologize.  Between the horribly wet spring, which retards pollination, and my new physical challenges I have been listing slowly.  I am making sure I do not oversell.  The result is that boxes sell almost as fast as I am listing them.  As the season moves on, this will improve.  More pepper will come ripe and I will continue to learn how to walk on what is essentially new feet.

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First Two Boxes Sold – You guys are great

All the catch ups from last year’s first frost boxes are picked and packed.  As promised, I started listing boxes for this season.  The first two have already sold.  I have listed two more mixed boxes / samplers for sale.  The first two sold so fast, you guys have gotta be sitting here at work pressing refresh or something.  You guys are great and I am so very flattered.

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