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Community Supported Agriculture Update – May 2018

Kentucky CSA

Our farm focuses on super hot and super rare peppers.  But that isn’t all we do.  We started with general produce and have continued right along as our focus changed.  In 2018, we decided to move towards a Community Supported Agriculture approach for the general produce.  This way we can more accurately predict how much produce to plant, thus clearing more time, energy, and space for our main focus: peppers. Continue reading Community Supported Agriculture Update – May 2018

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Setting the Rows – Hügelkultur

Hügelkultur duck inspection

We turned to the ancient German tradition of Hügelkultur to convert heavy clay soil into topsoil.  Our homestead farm is nestled in the hills of Kentucky.  Here we seem to have to types of land.  One is an inch of top soil and then rocks.  The other is an inch of top soil and then clay.   We had hoped for rock as a building material, but when you purchase property the owners dont want you tearing it up before you purchase.  So we had a fifty fifty chance of having what we prefered.  We managed to find ourselves on an inch of top soil and then clay. Our building plans changed to revolve more around clay, but more on that later.  Lets talk farming.

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Last Chance / First Frost

We have a frost warning for 2017 this Wednesday night / Thursday morning.  Although the crops have been know to survive first frost if it is a mild one we have a freeze warning for Saturday and Sunday.  So chances are, the season for fresh peppers from Peppers by Mail is about to close.  So almost everything is on sale and the Monster Mystery Box is back.  But this year it gets even better.

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Indigenous People Day Sale

Christopher Columbus had nothing to do with the founding of our great nation.  The indigenous people of the Americas had everything to do with cultivating the predecessors to the peppers we grow and love.  So rather than have a Columbus Day sale we are having an Indigenous People day sale.  that and my wife and I are a couple of old hippies that love fighting the establishment in our own little ways.

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Aji Peppers Ripe and on Sale

Box of Aji Peppers

Peppers that won’t melt your face.  Aji peppers are sometimes called Peruvian hot peppers as they initially hailed from that part of the world.  With a general Scoville rating of between 20,000 and 30,000 SHU they provide plenty of zing, but are mild enough to be eaten fresh.  I love them with dip.  Now a few of them can see double those general SHUs but most are more in the dipping and eating fresh range.

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