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Carolina Reaper, Peach & other New Fresh Peppers

Peach Carolina Reaper

What is new for October?  Whole boxes of absolutely fresh Peach Carolina Reaper peppers.  Also called the California Reaper pepper, this variety was initially created by crossing the original red Carolina Reaper with Jay’s Peach Ghost x Scorpion pepper.  The result has been one of the most twisted, gnarly peppers I have ever seen.

Peach Carolina Reaper
Peach Carolina Reaper

The Peach Carolina Reaper has more tail than either the original Carolina Reaper of the Peach Ghost Scorpion it was crossed with.  Fresh peach Carolina Reaper peppers are now available in box and half box options like our other fresh peppers.

Other fresh peppers to be added this month include the Brown 7 Pot Douglah, the Chocolate Habanero, and the Peach Habanero.

Visit the Fresh Pepper Section for more information.


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