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Dried Pepper Pods
Grateful Gardens
11002 Prairie Village Drive
Omaha, Nebraska

I own/operate a vegan/organic urban farm that focuses on vegan organic seed production and market crops.

I’ve been growing and saving seed organically for 40+ years. Being raised rurally taught me the importance of seed to food to table. As I grew older my desire to become vegetarian brought me to an ethical decision pertaining to seed. Before ‘Organic’ was a buzzword you couldn’t source seed of that nature easily (no computer/cellphone). I started producing my own seed stock organically from then on. Years after the ‘organic-craze’ became a ‘niche market’ I decided to start producing crops of ‘vegan-quality’ seed/market produce for the ‘vegan-niche’ community. There aren’t a whole lot of vegans growing their own food from the research that I’ve been able to compile from my sales and ‘nosing’ around in general. Personally, I don’t require lifestyle labels to identify me, but others do seem to get some kind of gratification from this and that’s their prerogative. I just saw the ‘niche-market’ lacking in veganically produced seed. The fruit remaining was just a bonus for me and I started selling flakes and powders of them. All of my soil amendments are sourced by myself via compost/rock powders and I ferment ‘dynamic-accumulator’ plants for a my plant food sources. I also raise ‘dry-farmed’ heirloom tomatoes for market and canning. Operating a sustainable system is important to me out of my desire to be as independent as possible from outside sources and being harmonious within nature, also. I utilize ‘micro-climates’ and different growing techniques to push myself out of my comfort zone and to learn what works best in my growing zone. Learning from any form is my life’s passion and passing that information on to others helps keep the wheels greased. First and foremost I’m a Seed/Land Steward (I steward a large seed collection). Any descriptive after that is up for debate, I’m sure. I do 1 gram 3, 5 or10 variety samplers , ‘mix’n’match options in 1/4 oz increments and single varieties by the ounce. At the present time I have these varieties (some very limited quantities and others in abundance.

No Credit Cards
Cash/Money Orders (I’ll take a check if you can wait for it to clear. I’m sorry, but I’ve had my share of bad checks)
$5.00 secure shipping
No International Orders ( I apologize, but Customs has worked me over plenty in the past)
Powder & Flakes Prices :
$15.00 – per ounce
$17.00 – mix ‘n’ match per ounce (1/4 oz. & 1/2 oz.increments only)
$ 2.00 – per gram
$ 5.00 – 3 variety sampler (3 grams)
$ 8.00 – 5 variety sampler (5 grams)
$ 16.00 – 10 variety sampler (10 grams)

1. Red Carolina Reaper
2. Chocolate Carolina Reaper
3. Yellow Carolina Reaper
4. Trinidad Red Moruga Scorpion
5. Trinidad Brown Moruga Scorpion
6. Trinidad Yellow Scorpion C.A.R.D.I.
7. Kraken Scorpion
8. I Scream Scorpion
9. Jay’s Red Ghost x Scorpion
10. Brazilian Ghost
11. Red Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)
12. Peach Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)
13. Yellow Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)
14. Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)
15. White Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)
16. Purple Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)
17. Bhut Orange Copenhagen
18. Black Naga
19. White Naga
20. Naga Viper
21. White 7-Pot/Pod
22. Yellow 7-Pot/Pod
23. 7-Pot/Pod Bubblegum
24. 7-Pot/Pod Brown Douglah
25. 7-Pot/Pod Jonah
26. 7-Pot/Pod Barrackpore
27. Caribbean Red
28. Peach Congo
29. M.O.A. Scotch Bonnet
30. Antillais Caribbean Habanero
31. Chocolate Habanero
32. Yellow Habanero
33. Peruvian White Habanero
34. Yucatán White Habanero
35. Sherwood’s Carbonero
36. Fatalii Yellow
37. Bonda Ma Jacques
38. Orange Teapot
39. Yellow Teapot
40. Clavo Red
41. Clavo Peach
42. Guyana Wiri Wiri
43. Aleppo
44. Trinidad Purple Coffee
45. Purple Cayenne
46. Craig’s Grande Jalapeño
47. Poinsettia
48. Japone
49. Little Elf
50. Trifetti
51. Red Hot
52. Aji Fantasy
53. Aji Rojo
54. Barra Do Ribeiro
55. Aji Colorado
56. Aji Finlandia
57. Yellow Butch T
58. 7-Pot Yellow Primo
59. 7-Pot Red Douglah
60. Devil’s Tongue Red
61. Chocolate Bhutlah
62. Melrose
63. Shepherd’s Rams Horn