Hot Sauce

My original lineup!
Full-flavored hot sauces made in Columbus, OH. Email me at for order inquiries!

I make artisinal hot sauces by hand. While I offer a few super hot varieties, my focus is on FLAVOR above all else. I’m always experimenting with new flavors while staying stocked up in a few of my favorite varieties. Check my instagram to stay up to date and place your orders at

Original lineup (all sauces generally stocked, main ingredients listed. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a full ingredients list!)

Original – Habanero, cayenne, carrot, garlic
Extra Hot – Extra habanero and cayenne, carrot, garlic
Smoky Apple Habanero – Smoked habanero, apples, whiskey
Tequila Verde – Tequila, lime, serrano and poblano
Smoky Tequila Verde – Tequila, lime, smoked serrano and poblano

Making small to medium batch hot sauces. I use only local or small farmers and dont use any chemicals or preservatives.

With a culinary career spanning 4 decades, 2 continents and some of the top dining locations in America, Chef Jose knows a thing or two about good hot sauce!. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida, Chef Jose has always shown a penchant for going above and beyond in making food an art. He believes ” cooking with love” is what separates his sauces from others and because of this our sauces will always be homemade with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We use locally sourced fruits and veggies for every sauce we make!
No fancy name, just an amazing flavor with amazing heat.
230 wildcat hill road
Harwinton, CT
Shiloh Run Farm is a small organic farm in the northwest hills of Connecticut. Among other crops, we have a passion for growing and creating super hot peppers.

Being an organic gardener, I never found organic grown Carolina Reapers, so I decided to grow my own along with 10 other hot and super hot peppers to add to my sauce for more complexity. I also added my own organic garlic and my own raw honey to make a sauce that I can be proud to distribute.

For you super hot sauce aficionados, I was able to get my hands on some ultra rare Carolina Reapers (see photo above). This sauce is packed with peach, yellow, red and chocolate reapers, along with many other of my super hots I grow on the farm. Each 5 oz bottle sells for $8.

Tahoma Spice Company
Tahoma Spice Company
P.O. Box 8658
Tacoma, WA
Hot is Good, Flavor is Better! At Tahoma Spice we focus on both.

Making uniquely flavorful Hot Sauces, Grinder & Spice Mixes. With our Urban Farm located at our home we ensure our crops get the best attention possible and our harvests prove it.