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Backyard Food Network

It is not populated, popular, or even running right.  Its the type fo thing that needs a membership base to tell me what works, what doesn’t, and what should.  In other words, I need your help and I plan to reward people who lend it.

Currently, it is nothing more than a tiny forum system.  It is not even attractive.  However, the site is built on an installation of Word Press set to Multisite / Network.  Once the general forum features are working, it will allow members to create their own sites in the form of  Each site will be a full installation of the award-winning WordPress software.

Backyard Food Network Goal

My goal is to create a network of online micro-farms (sites) and backyard grower, each helping the other to produce food for their family table and tithe / gift their extra back to their real world community and to their online community as much as the Internet makes such things possible.  I see seed swapping as a huge function in the future.

Born in Adversity Returning to the Challenge

Peppers by Mail is now a thriving business.  We are not rolling in money, but PBM grows significantly every year.  So I have very high hopes of being able to support my family in a way they deserve.  However, we were clearly born in adversity.  If you give a google to my name, A.J. Drew, you will quickly learn I once had a much different life.  Before a significant change, I had authored eight books and spent much time speaking and lecturing.  A stroke-like event (TBI) ended that lifetime.  For the first year afterwards, the aphasia was so pronounced I essentially hid behind my wife.

Unable to put food on the table by my previous urban means, I turned to more rural methods.  I took to sustenance farming to literally put food on the family’s table.  Mornings here on the farm typically started with farm fresh omelets made with home grown tomato, onion, sweet peppers, and home made goat milk cheese..Backyard Food Network is my online effort to get back to those roots and to promote the lifestyle.

Take what you need.  Leave What You Can

Backyard Food Network is planned the online home for our on farm market.  The plan by July of 2918 is to offer an on farm market where the price is:  “Take what you need.  Leave what you can.”  In short, free food if you need it.  The plan is that the market will function almost entirely on the honor system.  The kids might participate in a capacity similar to a lemon-aid stand.  But beyond that, it is planned as mostly self serve.

Your Money at Work

I am not trying to mislead anyone. Peppers by Mail is not a charity.  My number one mission is to provide for my family.  But the farm stand and Backyard Food Network really are examples of what your money allows us to do.  I am a hard working man who feels tithing / gifting is an essential part of a healthy emotional an spiritual life.

In the photo, Santa’s helper and the boy to the right belong to my wife and I.  The other two are sweet wee ones we unofficially foster as their mother faces medical challenges. It is my sincere hope that growing up witnessing our tithes and gifting will imprint all of our children.

Please Join

So please join the Back Yard Food Network.  Introduce yourself in the Introductions forum, poke around, and let us know how to make the site better to serve your needs.



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  1. This sounds like a great idea. How do we keep people from abusing it, though?

    1. I have to figure out a way for folk to report spammers. Shouldnt be too hard.

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