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Back on line. Back on track.

Organic Pest Control - Chicken

Shipping and order processing has fallen about a week behind due to last week’s storm, but it is now back on track. I am sorry for the delay. We just discovered a major draw back of internet based business. When the electricity goes out, nothing works. We also learned that plants can go several days with no light.

Last week, we had a fairly heavy down poor. For reasons I have not discovered or addressed yet, water leaked into the main circuit breaker box. One of the breakers shorted to ground and started a small fire. We will eventually need to replace the circuit breaker box itself, but for now it was only a matter of replacing two breakers. Two breakers that are not typically in stock due to their age. Evidently, our main box takes circuit breakers from a company that is no longer in business. So we had to order in the specialty breakers. The worst part being that one of them was the main breakers. So we have been without electricity for almost a week now.

Most of the plants in the grow room survived without light. The grow room got cold enough that seedlings bit the dust, but those were mostly for seed stock. We can and will reseed the ones we lost. The larger plants for the CSA and fresh pod sales are a wee bit wilted, but we started to early this year that we think they will recover just fine. In fact, the plants that are in 7 gallon pots are coming upstairs and getting hardened off starting tomorrow.

So emergency addressed and catastrophe mostly avoided. It is going to hurt but we dont think too much.

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