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Ask for the Gift of Heat

Gift Card

My wife and I thought long and hard about how to promote Gift Cards by PBM.  Should we say “Give the gift of heat” like last year’s promotion?  Should we say “Ask for the Gift of Heat” and promote the gift cards a bit more honestly?  We went with the more honest approach: Ask for the Gift of Heat.  .

Our gift cards do not expire.  They are good today for purchasing seeds.  They are good next summer for purchasing fresh peppers.  They are good in the years to come if you suddenly remember where you stashed the code.  You can buy them for friends and family, they can buy the for your, you can buy them for yourself.  OK, not sure why you would want to buy them for yourself, but I wont stop you.

You can purchase PBM gift cards in any amount.  You can send them to yourself and then copy the code to a nifty gift card.  You can have them emailed to the ultimate recipient with a custom note.  You can do what ever your heart contents.

Your purchase will help a business that is truly family owned and keep a few bucks out of the hands of the likes of Walmart.  Everyone wins.  Well, except the likes of Walmart.

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