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All That Falls Shall Rise Again

I am so very proud of my sister Jodi.  She is a fighter and a survivor.  This picture was taken of her before chemo today.  The skeleton pants are commentary on her previous weight loss.  Not negative commentary.  Like i said, she is a survivor.  This photo was taken after she gained about 25 pounds.

Her wee ones, Loki (11) and Beezy (9) have been staying with us during her treatment.  My wife took the kids to Ohio to visit their mom and for the hair cutting.  As Jodi’s hair falls out, my wife is joining her in shaving their heads.  Depending on how long her treatment takes, we might be slaving the kids in the gardens next season.  If our sister excepts our invitation to join the family here on the farm, we might be slaving out all three.

2 thoughts on “All That Falls Shall Rise Again

  1. Jodi…DON’T FORGET TO SMILE TODAY!!! Much respect for your family A.J. I hope you have three HEALTHY WORKERS for next season!!! GODSPEED, Jodi!!! Positive Vibrations…

    1. Not my doing, but Jodi might be coming down for uh, well… horticultural therapy. In other words, Imma gonna slave her out like the kids. Seriously, overheard my wife talking with her. Doubt it will be long term, but seems like my wife thinks it would be good for the healing process.

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