Hot Pepper Plants

Hot Pepper Plants are what we do.  But mostly for our own produce efforts.  Each year, we start growing hot pepper plants in December.  For obvious reasons, we start them indoors and under lights.  We start this early not only to have the largest plants in the spring, but because it takes us two months to get the thousands of pepper plants. By April, we know how many we have to plant and how many we have to spare.  We offer those we can spare for sale.

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Hot Pepper Plants by Mail

Carolina Reaper Pepper Plant
Carolina Reaper Pepper Plant

We much prefer customers to pick up pepper plants in person.  But with customers across the United States that is not always practical.  With a little bit of trial and error, we have figured out how to safely pack four (4) pepper plants into the small flat rate box offered by USPS.  These are live plants with healthy root bundles.  From the base of the root bundle to the top of the plant is about 8 inches.  To facilitate the box size, we occasionally trim the top of the peppers.  This tends to result in  much bushier plant and more pod production.

When Do We Ship?

We start shipping pepper plants in April.  Last frost for our area is generally in the middle of April, but because they are protected by the shipping box we’ve had really good luck shipping them this early.  Note that if your area is still experiencing freezing weather, you should not order hot pepper plants until your particular area warms up.

Hot Pepper Plants Pick Up

Beginning in April, customers may pick up hot pepper plants at our homestead by appointment.  We will also likely have hot pepper plants at our local farmers market.