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Share the Joy & Help Small Business

Obviously we would like you to promote our small business.  So please do share any of the pages on this website.  But please do consider sharing the pages belonging to other small business what we discuss.  This is particularly applicable to the ChiliHead Reviews we now include.

Although we do occasionally review the larger commercial producers, most of our reviews are focused on very small and often home based business.  Those reviews include links to the small business and discussion of their products.  When you share these reviews, you help to spread the word.  Even if your share itself prompts no sales for that small business, it will help their website score points with the search engines.

Peppers by Mail receives no compensation for our reviews.  In most cases, we have used sales from this site to purchase the products we review directly from the folk who produced them.  Maker’s are welcome to speed the process up by identifying themselves and using our contact form.  Because we too are a small business, with limited resources, providing product for review without cost will certainly speed up reviews.  But just knowing you are there will help us get to reviewing your products.

Peppers by Mail receives no compensation when you visit a maker’s website.  There is no affiliate link when we link to maker’s sites.  So you can trust our reviews.  When we link to products at, we make it obvious that we receive a small percentage (usually 4%).

We’ve made it easy for you to help these small businesses by including links to popular social media at the bottom of each review.  Just click on the icon for your favorite social media and share the joy.  With your help, we can take our economy back from the Walmarts of the world and restore individual artisans and crafters to their rightful place in our economy.

When you see the following on a product review, we strongly encourage you to share that review and help to promote cottage industry, small business, and individual artisans.