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Refunds for CSA Pre-orders

We sold several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares during the off season. Now that surgeons took half of each foot and I have been unable to work, the bank has taken our farm. Even today I still have a gaping wound in my right foot and a wound vacuum attached to it. As a result, my family is essentially homeless. Our best hope is to beg with a GoFundMe page so that we can purchase a camper trailer and find a slot to park it.

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Our Farm is Gone

We are squatters. On Friday, July 26th, Citizen’s Union Bank sold our farm. We are about to be homeless. It did not matter that the family paid $160,000.00 for it and I had only about $17,000.00 left to pay off. It did not matter that we were only $1,000.00 behind. It did not matter that doctors had removed about half of each of my foot. They foreclosed. After the fees, taxes and penalties they demanded about $60,000.00 for the $17,000.00 debt. My advice for anyone with a mortgage is do not get sick or hurt.

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Horrific News from PBM

Before saying a thing, let me assure folk that I still believe I will be able to fill the 2019 CSA pre-orders. Beyond that, I have great doubts as I am now about unable to walk. I have closed our online store to insure that in a worse case situation I will be able to restart in 2020. But right now, it is doubtful we will have fresh peppers to sell during the 2019 season. My health has not been well and it is showing in some of the worst imaginable ways.

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