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International Shipping – Low Flat Rate

I am excited to announce that Peppers by Mail now ships internationally.  This became possible with the many trade partners we have made across the globe.  For years, we have been trading seeds with folk from various international destinations.  This gave us a general idea of the costs and the ability to decide a fair flat rate.

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PBM Notification Services

Super Hot Pepper seeds and fresh pods

Would you like to know when Peppers by Mail updates its site?  Would you like to know when new fresh peppers become available?  Each summer, the most common question is when are specific peppers coming fresh.  Because summer inventory changes every day and fresh peppers go in and out of stock, often times folk miss their favorite pepper when it becomes sold out.  Now you can receive a custom notification right in your browser.  Currently, we have it configured for the most common browsers, but we will be adding some of the less used browsers shortly. Continue reading PBM Notification Services