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First Freeze was Last Night – Fresh Peppers Done for 2017

Last night’s freeze took just about everything outside of the high tunnel.  We managed to take in tons of peppers and are packing them up for shipping later on today and in the morning.  We are hitting the orders in a first come, first serve manner.  When we run out of peppers, we will start to issue refunds.  Unlike what I hear about other growers, we think until you get your fresh peppers it is your money; we don’t touch it.  So please know we are honest and that you will receive one or the other.

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Shipping Delay – On way to hospital

If I do not return from hospital before Jack Frost gets your peppers, when I return I will issue a full refund.  We do not play with your money.  If Jack Frost leaves the peppers alone, I will get them out to you first thing when I am back.  I am sorry, it seems this last sale was too much for me.  The partial amputation on my right foot has split open.  It is infected, leaking, and I am fevered.  All the warning signs that the discharge papers say to come back for.  That and I can not walk or put any weight on my right leg.

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Last Chance / First Frost

We have a frost warning for 2017 this Wednesday night / Thursday morning.  Although the crops have been know to survive first frost if it is a mild one we have a freeze warning for Saturday and Sunday.  So chances are, the season for fresh peppers from Peppers by Mail is about to close.  So almost everything is on sale and the Monster Mystery Box is back.  But this year it gets even better.

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Fall Clearance Sale

Fresh Peppers by Mail

Mother Nature has blessed us for many months, but Father Winter is following right behind her.  Although experience says we have a couple more weeks before first frost, historical first frost says it could be any day.  When it hits, depending on the severity, all of our fresh peppers could be gone for the season.  So between now and first frost, we are offering a some great deals:

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Improved Customer Service

A.J. Drew and Family

Since I returned from surgery, I have been way behind answering emails. Between recovering, medication and sales much increased since last year, I have not been able to manage inquiries.  The most important of these being the occasion when the post office plays foot ball with a package.  It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.  The temporary fix is that the Mom of this Mom and Pop is stepping in and taking over Customer Service.  You can email her at Aimee(at)ThisDomain if you have any problem with your order.  But a much better solution is coming.  In fact, we have two solutions coming soon.

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Indigenous People Day Sale

Christopher Columbus had nothing to do with the founding of our great nation.  The indigenous people of the Americas had everything to do with cultivating the predecessors to the peppers we grow and love.  So rather than have a Columbus Day sale we are having an Indigenous People day sale.  that and my wife and I are a couple of old hippies that love fighting the establishment in our own little ways.

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