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How Important is Environment?

Reaper vs. Primo dna

Chances are you have heard the controversy concerning the Carolina Reaper and the 7 Pot Primo pepper.  This post is not about that controversy.  Instead it is a discussion about the importance of environment (nurture).  Of course nature (dna) is am important factor but living in a world where slick marketing keys on terms like hottest pepper in the world to describe a variety, we tend to forget about environment.

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Carolina Reaper, Peach & other New Fresh Peppers

Peach Carolina Reaper

What is new for October?  Whole boxes of absolutely fresh Peach Carolina Reaper peppers.  Also called the California Reaper pepper, this variety was initially created by crossing the original red Carolina Reaper with Jay’s Peach Ghost x Scorpion pepper.  The result has been one of the most twisted, gnarly peppers I have ever seen.

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Pepper X Seeds and Fresh Pods ???

According to Tasting Table, there is a new hottest pepper in the world: Pepper X.  Reportedly, this new green pepper tops the SHU range at over 3,000,000 SHU on the Scoville Scale.  Per The Food Beast, Pepper X was developed by Ed Currie, creator of the current Guinness World Record holder the Carolina Reaper.  Mr. Currie can be seen on the Youtube show the Hot Ones claiming Pepper X is twice the heat of the Carolina Reaper.  Mr. Curry also stated that the testing is complete, Guinness World Record® is reviewing the findings, and we can expect results this November. Continue reading Pepper X Seeds and Fresh Pods ???

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Shipping and Surgery Update

Hospital Stay Sept. 2017

Before leaving for the hospital, I caught up on all orders and posted a notice about the surgery and how it could delay shipping.  My reputation as a fast shipper and honest merchant is very important to me.  Maybe more important is my relationship with you, my patrons.  I honestly love doing something where my patrons like me.  The relationship we share really is important.  So if they keep me a bit longer than I thought, please remember I was upfront about the delay.

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Surgery Sale – Save Money – Help a Guy Out

I am on my way to the operating room on Tuesday, September 12.  I am hoping they will only keep me for a few days, but it depends on how much they have to trim.  Little to worry about because I’ve had the same surgery on my left foot.  Chances are I will walk better now that they are going to even out the right.  But what to do with the online store?  What to do with the farm?

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