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Not Just Peppers

Hand Forged Dagger

If you have looked around our web site or met us in person, you might have noticed we are not what you might think.  We don’t tend to container grow.  We don’t cover our land with plastic or use the latest nutrients in a drip irrigation system.  We are more of what you might expect in a movie set in the era of Western expansion.  A time when folk negotiated their land for sustenance.

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Dragon’s Breath Pepper: Hottest pepper in the world?

Dragon's Breath Pepper: New Hottet Pepper in the World?

The Dragon’ Breath pepper is being called the “Hottest Pepper in the World”.  Many now claim it will displace the Carolina Reaper as the Guinness World Record champion.  But despite all the press, media, and publicity: nothing is positive other than the claims seem a bit far fetched.  Some claim it is so hot it can kill a person.  A pepper that can kill you? Continue reading Dragon’s Breath Pepper: Hottest pepper in the world?