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Organic Super Hot Peppers – What is organic?

Skiddo T Goat

Fresh super hot peppers can be hard to find.  Organic super hot peppers are even harder to find, unless you grow them yourself.  But even when home grown, if you have concerns about food being organic you really have to examine the products you use.  We avoid the problem by not generally using commercial products at all.  It’s not so much a business decision as it is a health and lifestyle decision.  Truth be known, a grower can produce much more produce with modern non-organic methods.  If we were charged with feeding the world, organic methods would not be the route to go. Continue reading Organic Super Hot Peppers – What is organic?

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Peahen Visit

We have had a peahen friend for several year.  She just sort of shows up, visits with the ducks, and flies away.  Today, I went to the barn to retrieve plants.  Guess who was there?  I think she was horribly dehydrated because he was desperate to get into the chicken pen where there is water.  Later, I caught her and gave her free choice food and water.  She drank and drank and drank.

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