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2017 – Rare Super Hot Pepper Seeds for Sale

Rare super hot pepper seeds for sale

Rare super hot pepper seeds for sale.  Our 2016 grow season ended mid November.  Fresh peppers are gone until late June 2017.  One might think this is a sad part of the year growers.  But after a couple weeks of seed sorting, we have started our favorite time of the year: planting.  Yes, it is still November.  Yes, most people think it is too early to start indoors.  However, years of experience have show us that the true potential of a super hot pepper, one must plant very early.  Even when using the higher temperatures recommended by the Chile Pepper Institute, the biggest head start tends to produce the biggest plants.

Most of the rare Super hot pepper seeds require more time to develop.  Many are rare because they were developed in areas with much longer grow seasons.  For the same reason, they are not particularly cold tolerant..  More common peppers and those developed in a less moderate climate tend to require less time before they are moved out doors.

2017 Super Hot Pepper Seeds for Sale

Although chemical treatments can extend the length of viability, we do not treat our seed stock.  We prefer to use organic methods.  To keep germination rates high, Peppers by Mail tries to rotate our seed stock each season.  When you buy rare super hot pepper seeds from Peppers by Mail, they were most likely grown and prepped during the previous year’s growing season. This way what you receive are fresh despite not using chemical treatments.

Expanding Selection of Rare Super Hot Pepper Seeds for Sale

Our seed catalog currently offers 75 different varieties from mild to wild.  Each year, we purchase or trade for new varieties.  Trading with friends and partners in the US, UK, an Middle East we think we’ve already built an impressive variety.  We have also started offering super hot pepper seeds that were developed on our farm.  For the 2016 season, we made our own take on the White 7 Pot Bubblegum pepper.  For the 2017 season, we offer the Chocolate Carolina Reaper.  We continue to work with other varieties and will offer them in the years to come.

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