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2017 – Rare Super Hot Pepper Seeds for Sale

Rare super hot pepper seeds for sale

Rare super hot pepper seeds for sale.  Our 2016 grow season ended mid November.  Fresh peppers are gone until late June 2017.  One might think this is a sad part of the year growers.  But after a couple weeks of seed sorting, we have started our favorite time of the year: planting.  Yes, it is still November.  Yes, most people think it is too early to start indoors.  However, years of experience have show us that the true potential of a super hot pepper, one must plant very early.  Even when using the higher temperatures recommended by the Chile Pepper Institute, the biggest head start tends to produce the biggest plants.

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Gift Cards by PBM

Gift Card

Give the Gift of Heat.  Now you can purchase virtual gift cards from Peppers by Mail.  Great for gifting seeds this holiday season.  Lets face it, there is not much of a surprise if you have to ask that pepper head in your life what seeds s/he wants as a gift.  Give them a gift card and your favorite pepper head can make their own selection.  Or if they prefer fresh peppers, they can save their gift card code until they are in season.

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Last Chance for Fresh Super Hot Peppers!

Fresh super hot peppers for sale.

Our farm is located in Waddy, KY.  We are amazed that we have not had a frost yet.  After all, this is Kentucky in November.  We are thankful to Mother Nature for giving us the extra few weeks this season.  But we knew it wouldnt last forever.  The ten day weather forcast tells us it will frost on Friday and Freeze on Saturday.  What is in the high tunnel might survive but the majority of what we can offer will likely be done for the season.  Once the cold hits them, they are done for.

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