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Green House Plans and Potential Grant

If you have been following our progress this year, you know we had a rough time keeping up with demand early on in spring. Because we planted a variety of different peppers in our single high tunnel / green house, we have been able to provide fresh super hot and super rare peppers in mixed and sampler boxes for some time this season. In fact, we seem to be keeping up with demand now. Although my birthday sale nearly wiped us out and killed me, more and more are coming ripe from the fields.  So we are able to fill more and more orders.  Unfortunately, while the high tunnel is producing very well the field crops are still slower to ripen. Of course they are, the field crops were planted later in the season due to frost concerns.

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Why do we do it?

When asked why a person does what they do, a common answer begins: It’s not about the money.  Of course it is about the money.  After all, you can exchange that stuff for goods and services.  You know, like your mortgage and property taxes.  Although I continue to try and determine exactly how it is that property tax is a good or service, it remains about the money.  Yes,I love peppers but the reason I sell them is all about the money.

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Fresh Peppers – Out of Stock for a Bit

Today (August 21) is my 51st birthday. To mark that, on Friday, Aug. 29th we offered 51 boxes at a great sale price. Last year, it took all three days of the sale to sell 50 boxes. This year, we were sold out before my actual birthday. Many, many, many thanks to our patrons for telling me something about our farm.  Between this event and the tremendous interest early on in our season, it it seems obvious we have to produce more peppers and much earlier in the year.  Both good things to know.

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SFRB – $11.90 – This Weekend Only – Birthday Sale

A.J. and Baby Boy

I remember watching the movie Logan’s Run when I was a kid.  If you have seen the movie, you’ll recall they controlled population by killing people at a fairly young age, maybe 21?  As teens none of us could imagine making it to 51 years old.  But here I am about to turn 51 years old.  I felt the same way last year when I turned 50.

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Carolina Reapers Coming in !!!

Fresh Carolina Reaper Peppers

Our Carolina Reaper peppers are starting to come in.  Only a handful at a time, so we are not offering full boxes.  Instead, they will make their way into Labeled Mixed Boxes.  I can not guarantee each box will have Carolina Reapers in it or how many, so what will do is this.  Each day I pick, pack,and ship; I will pick the Carolina Reaper which have come ripe and then divide them into the Labeled Mixed Boxes that are going out that day.

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