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Fresh Peppers this Monday

First I have to offer many thanks to the patrons who have purchased the first wave of fresh peppers this season.  After illness,multiple surgeries,and a death in the family; this year did not start with the energy joy that it could have.  For a time, I wasn’t sure we would make it to harvest.  But even when the peppers are only coming in fast enough to offer mixed boxes, we’ve been picking, packing, and shipping as many as we list.  That brings me to the second thing I’d like to share.

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Half Boxes of Mixed Peppers from $10.00

Super Hot Peppers

In addition to our full SFRB of our super rare super hot peppers, we now offer “half boxes”.  These boxes contain no less than 10 peppers, usually quite a bit more.  Each day, we pick, pack and ship the previous day’s order.  We then list what is available to ship the next day.  If you are interested in one of our Pepper Sampler / Mixed Boxes, please check back each day to see what is available.

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Introducing the Mild to Wild Sampler

Fresh Pods are back again.  This AM, after walking the gardens I posed a dozen boxes knowing they would be there and ready Monday morning when I will pick, pack,and ship your box(s) as fresh as can be.  I decided to introduce a new box this year: The Mild to Wild sampler.  In addition to the super hot peppers we have grown in previous years, we are now including some small super rare sweet and mild peppers.

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Saturday, Sept 17th, 2016 – Central Kentucky

Some patrons know that I am a hobby blacksmith.  I make knives, swords, and other metal art on the side and offer those items for sale at the annual Kentucky Highlander Renaissance Festival.  While we would love to offer produce and peppers at that event, the timing is not perfect.  Try as we will, Mother Nature does not seem to want us offering produce that early in the season.

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Knife Auction for Old Salty

I first met Old Salty on the pepper forum The Hot Pepper.  Nice group of people there, fair moderators and management.  Folk willing to help on a variety of growing challenges and questions.  Also willing to help each other in other matters, which is where this auction comes in.  I lost track of who is managing the auction or where money will be sent, but I am confident it winds up in Old Salty’s hands.  I don’t have much detail other than the man is in need and due to the timing this is what I have to offer to help.

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