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Reapercussion – Was Carolina Reaper a Scam?

Resapercussion Hot sauce

Today, there is again much debate as to the origin of the Carolina Reaper.  When that pepper first took the title hottest pepper in the world at Guinness World Records, the controversy began.  There was much speculation that the Carolina Reaper was a renamed 7 Pot Primo pepper.  Today, at least one major artisan hot sauce company has come out and said that the 7 Pot Primo is hands down the hottest pepper in the world.  In fact, some are poking great fun at the Carolina Reaper.

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Pot Maker – Time to start planting

You might have noticed we Peppers by Mail folk are a wee bit hippie.  If there is an opportunity to keep garbage out of a landfill, we are right there.  If we can save a little bit of money doing something green, that is even better.  We have been using a product for years that I’d like to share with you.  It is called the Pot Maker.

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Christopher Phillips Leukemia Fund

Christopher Phillips leukemia fund

Christopher Phillips has been diagnosed with leukemia.  One of the pioneers in the efforts to make rare pepper seeds available here in the United States, Christopher Phillips is why many of the peppers we grow are available.  Without his hobby turned obsession, seed stock just wouldn’t be available.  Everyone who love super hot peppers should at a very minimum keep him in their prayers and well wishes.  If you can, there is another way to help.  He is facing enormous medical expenses.

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