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50th Birthday Sale – $10.00 full boxes

Super hot peppers with labels

Inventory says “Out of Stock” because this is going to be a 24 hour sale.  It starts at Midnight Thursday, August 20th and lasts till Midnight Friday, August 21st.  This is how I plan to celebrate my 50th birthday, by offering 50 full SFRB’s of mixed peppers.  The offer will be first come, first served.  On Thursday, when the clock hits midnight I will change the inventory to 50 boxes.  When I wake up on my birthday, I will get to work picking, packing, and shipping.

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Red Fatalii Super Sale – $12.00 / Full Box

Red Fatalii peppers

Sometimes a variety of pepper kicks into high gear for a time and produces far faster than we typically sell that particular variety.  This is one of those times, so our Red Fatalii are now offered at $12.00 a box until production slows or demand picks up.  – Click here for the sale.

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Fresh Ghost Peppers for Sale

Red ghost pepper

Our ghost peppers are starting to come ripe in quantities that we can now offer a great deal on the standard flat rate box as well as small and medium boxes.  This is the classic red ghost pepper that Wendy’s, Red Robin and other restaurants have started to boast about offering.  I have tasted those offerings and let me tell you the closes they come to an authentic ghost pepper flavor is that their cooks bow towards India while preparing your food.  If you want the true authentic taste of the now classic ghost pepper, fresh is the only way to go.

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