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Thank you from A.J. Drew

Believe it or not, in another lifetime I was a professional author.  No, not another lifetime from a previous birth.  Another lifetime before I had to relearn how to read and write.  Almost a decade ago, I suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury.  Not everything was lost, but wow the English language is odd.  For the longest time, I tried and tried to write again but got lost in all the words.  The reviews I am now offering are different.

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Ghost Fire Hot Sauce in Review

Ghost fire hot sauce made with ghost pepper

Our bottle of Ghost Fire hot sauce warns that it is “painfully addictive”.  Addictive yes, but not so painful to a fan of hot foods.  I found this hot sauce to be downright pleasant in the heat category.  Even off the spoon it did not send me screaming for a beverage.  This is not the type of sauce that needs to be blended with other things.  It is great drizzled by itself over fries or pizza.  This sauce is condiment more than it is a cooking ingredient like some of the over the top hiccup makers.

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Jigsaw Pepper Plants

If you haven’t heard, the Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw pepper is being discussed as the next hottest pepper in the world.  We acquired seeds from a source in Finland some time ago, grew them out a bit, and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are hot.  Very, very hot.  Are they the hottest pepper in the world?  Well, my mouth kind of shuts down at about 1,000,000 SHU.  Ghost pepper, Carolina Reaper pepper, or Jigsaw peppers all range about the same in my mouth; over the top hot.  They do seem to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper, but that might be because they are larger than the Carolina Reaper.

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Carolina Reaper pepper vs Ghost pepper, plants and peppers

Side by side, you might think there are few differences between the Carolina Reaper pepper vs Ghost pepper.  Although they are both in classified as Capsicum chinense, their flavor is dramatically different.  Surprisingly, their heat level often seems very similar.

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Red Tail: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion hot sauce in Review

Red Tail hot sauce with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers

Red Tail hot sauce is based on the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper and it shows that well in more than just its heat.  The flavor of the scorpion pepper is distinct despite all of its heat.  This is not a sauce for the timid.  It is one of the hottest non-extract based sauces I have sampled thus far.

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357 Reaper Sriracha in review

357 Carolina Reaper Sriracha

Sriracha sauce is a style of hot sauce made from a chili pepper paste.  Essentially, the word indicates a thick hot sauce.  Most of the artisan hot sauces I have reviewed could be considered sriracha sauces.  Although they do not generally start off with a pepper paste, the consistency of quality sauce often approaches that of ketchup.

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