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Hot Pepper Pesticide

I love to tell people our farm fresh eggs are made from recycled bugs.  We use our chicken and ducks for pesticide.  Our pekings are the best at picking potato bugs right off the plant without causing any harm to the greens. But sometimes, our organic approach to homestead gardening needs a little bit of help.  When we need to discourage insects from various plants, we use the fruit of other plants.  Super hot peppers to be more specific.

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Habanero Hot Sauce by Lakeside Packing

Normally I would not include a review by a company which distributes so widely.  It is not that I have anything against cottage industry which reaches such a level of success.  It is just that I do not think they need help from someone like me.  I am making an exception for this sauce because I am impressed not only by its flavor but by the company’s tremendously family focused history.

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